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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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that breaking news is unfolding right now in paris where police say the two suspects in the magazine massacre have taken hostages as police close in on them. we also know gunshots have been fired. a live report ahead. breaking news here in philadelphia. this is a live picture of police on the scene of a local mall where a man was shot repeatedly in the parking lot just moments ago. also forced out into the bitter cold. a gas lease prompted the evacuation of two apartment buildings in philadelphia. and today this local college student who was found dead in the schuylkill river over the weekend will be laid to rest. we're asking questions about safety concerns near the area where he fell into the water. and it is not only cold
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outside again this morning, but also snow is falling, not the manmade stuff that you see here in the live picture of the pocono mountains. we also have snow falling from the sky, as well. light snow coming down for many of you. good morning this is nbc 10 news on this friday i'm chris cato. let's begin with bill henley and his first alert forecast. not as cold as it was yesterday morning, right sph. >> temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. still cold enough for snow and some manmade snow falling in that scene from the pocono mountains. you can see it is light snowfall that may see two inches at some of the higher elevations in the pocono mountains and much of the rest of area will wind up with a dusting or less. 24 in philadelphia and 19 degrees in allentown and a cold start. we are watching that slow moving light snowfall moving into areas to the west and to the north. that light snow will be here this morning, but gone this afternoon. the wind that will be a factor
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as the day goes on. so light snow and dusting is possible in philadelphia northward. 24 degrees at 9:00 and then by lunchtime the snow is done. the wind kicks in even as temperatures climb into the 30s today. something we didn't see at all yesterday. the wind will make it feel colder. we'll go through it hour by hour with future weather when i come back in ten minutes. right now let's check in with jillion milly on a friday morning. >> we're not reporting any serious accidents out there. this is a live look at 76 right near city avenue. that's the highway you can see very quiet. no delays on 7 6. for drivers in delaware, the highways are looking pretty good. water main break 202 at route 41 and use caution at that intersection. chris? we are following some breaking developments this morning in the manhunt for the two suspected gunman behind wednesday's deadly attack at that magazine office in paris. this is all happening within the
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past 20 to 30 minutes. tracy davidson following the developments for us from the digital operation center. what is going on? >> the french government is confirming that it is performing an operation to catch the suspects from this week's massacre. we have a live picture. it shows the helicopter on scene. here's what we can tell you, this is happening 22 miles northeast of paris. it started with suspects stealing a car. police started chasing them. now, they're over this scene where you see the military helicopters. reports of gunfire near an apartment where they're over and also hostages being held. military helicopters, as you can see, are flying over the scene and now really focused in above this apartment. again, this has happened in the last 30 minutes. it's 10:00 in the morning there paris time. we're going to get you new information and we continue to get new information about what is going on in the scene there.
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we can show you their pictures. they are linked to a terror network in yemen involved in that massacre. the two were on the u.s. no-fly list. we can tell you what was happening in paris last night as paris square as people remember the victims of wednesday's attack. you can see it there. 12 people died as you know including journalists and two police officers who rushed to the scene. the 12 were killed when those two brothers and a third guy stormed the offices of a magazine. that third suspect turned himself into police late wednesday after the shooting. that magazine had been threatened several times for the caricatures of mohammed. right now all their focus is on the hostage situation. again, gunfire happening northeast of paris. we're continuing to get new information and keep you updated on our new nbc 10 news app. tracy davidson nbc 10 news.
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we're also following this breaking news in the far northeast section of philadelphia. police are looking for a suspect in a shooting that happened outside the philadelphia mills mall. nbc 10 jesse gary is live on the scene there this morning. jesse, do we know what happened there yet exactly in the shooting? >> police are trying to work on that right now, chris. they just came out from inside the security office inside the walmart. shots were fired right outside the front door and surveillance cameras. multiple outside the store captured the crime as itature a occurred. the victim and his brother drove here to meet over a debt. the suspect got out of his car and walked over and shot the victim three times while the victim sat in the passenger seat of the other car. >> you can see the muzzle flash of the weapon and the shots being fired and then the victim's vehicle flee the scene and then the shooter runs back into his vehicle, gets in the
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driver's seat and also takes off. >> victim's brother took him to holy redeemer hospital but that is not a trauma center so medics have now taken that victim to temple in guarded condition. now, that's the only injury reported in this crime. that's pretty remarkable because the store is open 24 hours a day and, as i said, the crime took place just feet from the front door. live in far northeast philadelphia, jesse gary nbc 10 news. 4:06 now. also new from overnight, a carbon monoxide scare forced some people out into the cold air in west philadelphia. it happened at 46th and spruce around 12:30 this morning. authorities had to evacuate two apartment buildings and medics took a pregnant woman to the hospital just to be checked out. they're blaming a malfunctioning heater for that carbon monoxide scare. a final good-bye more than five weeks in the making. funeral services for shane montgomery are today. the 21-year-old who went missing
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early thanksgiving morning. search crews pulled his body from the schuylkill river. his family says it appears he fell in and drowned. his funeral is this morning with a burial to follow in norristown. it brought up safety concerns about the river in the manayunk area. building a fence isn't necessarily a solution. a fence would make it hard for somebody to get out of the canal if they fell in at a different location. >> the safety concerns in that area have been noted and the city as the mayor suggested would be taking a look at it at some point. >> now, tonight, all businesses along main street manayunk are leaving their lights on overnight. they are calling it lights on for shane. first rescue and now recovery. they continue to search this massive mound of rubble
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apparently killed when a silo collapsed. at the riverside industrial complex tony gabriel was trapped in the jumble of steel and concrete. there is no way he could have survived. >> methodically take this area apart until we successfully recover the victim. >> my brother, tony was a great guy. he is going to be dearly missed. >> the nbc 10 investigators discovered riverside industrial materials was fined in 2010. osha says that practice put employees in danger. riverside was fined more than $1,700 for that offense. no word yet on what caused the silo to collapse yesterday. a former philadelphia police officer will be sentenced for roughing up and detaining a man without reason. a jury convicted kevin corcoran of obstruction of justice and
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iraqi war veteran questioned the officer about making an illegal turn in his police cruiser. cell phone video showed corcoran putting him in his vehicle. it was for public intoxication but he had no evidence of that. also in court today a judge will sentence a drunk driver who hit and killed a woman in northeast philadelphia. eric luciano ran her over in february 2013. police say she saved her husband's life by pushing him out of the way of luciano's van. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking some light snow moving into the area right now. not everybody is going to see the snow and not everybody is going to see all that much accumulation. the most impressive accumulation will be in the pocono mountains where they could see two inches of snow. good news for skiers. they are making a lot of snow lately. gusty winds will blow the clouds out this afternoon. a cold windy afternoon and a
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cold weekend, too. in fact tomorrow will be colder than today. right now 11 degrees in mount pocono and the light snow is falling there and clouds over trenton and dover and dover you might not see any snowfall out of this one. there it is. a light snow which is showing up nicely with the light shining on it in the pocono mountains. that's blue mountain this morning. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour in northeast philadelphia. 40 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts just on the verge of that in dover right now. those are southerly winds. those are helping to boost our temperatures already this morning and will do so again this afternoon. but it's still cold outside. we have a wind chill of 11 degrees in philadelphia. a cold morning and we are tracking some snow. not in delaware not in south jersey. for now it is the western suburbs getting a line of snow and into western pennsylvania. that will move through this morning and we will see minimal accumulation for parts of the area. 6:00 this morning, light snowfall.
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just the east of allentown and in the pocono mountains. by 7:00 we'll see snow develop, just light stuff in the philadelphia area and might see a dusting of snow as these showers move through at 8:00 and then they're into new jersey. by 10:00 heading towards the shore and by 11:00 they are off shore and look for sunshine this afternoon. look at the weekend when i'm back in ten. 11 minutes after 4:00. another cold drive awaits you this morning. let's see eif anything else is out there that could make your friday morning commute uncomfortable. >> a pretty comfortable cu ableable ableable commute so far this morning, chris. the highways around center city are pretty clear. southbound side of girard as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia. you can see just a few drivers on the road and the only problem this water main break out of delaware and right at that intersection, that is where you can expect to see at least one lane restricted in that area.
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if you're unfamiliar where this is located, it is right near the dupont hospital. if you're heading out and work there and taking someone there this morning, you could see lane restrictions right near the entrance there. chris? empty promise or signs of improvement? katy zachary is tracking the progress of a presidential promise this morning. katy? >> chris, that's right. you know one year ago today president obama named the west philadelphia neighborhood as a promise zone. vowing to improve things for the people who live there. we go and ask people have things changed. i'll tell you what they said, coming up. a plan to save students thousands of dollars. there is a big education announcement expected today that could mean free college tuition. parents are all about that. new this morning, bill cosby making light of the rape allegations against him. the warning to women he gave an audience last night. we're following this breaking situation in france. a journalist camera as they
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follow what is now a hostage situation in the search for the two suspects wanted for wednesday's massacre at the magazine offices. we understand hostages have been taken and shots fired. we're following it all for you live, we're back in a moment.
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4:15. it is much later in the day in paris, france. following breaking information. here's what we know apparently some hostages taken by those suspects in a town northeast of paris. police are involved in an active shoot out as described by french media, also i'm just quoting from "new york times" here police and the hostage takers
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are exchanging gunfire. there is one french media outlet reporting that one person has been killed. the picture you're looking at is from television crew that is following the hostage situation on the road here trying to get a better vantage point. that's why you're seeing the camera shake everywhere. but, again, a hostage situation northeast of paris as police are closing in on the two brothers wanted in wednesday's massacre at charlie hebdo magazine offices. here you see those photos. those attacks in which 12 people were killed. police closing in on them. there has been a hostage situation. these victims have taken hostage at a printing shop. shots are being exchanged right now. very active situation and we're on top of it right now. stay with us for the latest in evolving in paris. president obama is set to announce a proposal today to make community college free. the white house gave the country
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an early look at that plan in a video message posted on facebook. >> what i'd like to do is see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it. that's right. free for everybody who is willing to work for it. it's something that we can accomplish and something that will train our workforce so we can compete with anybody in the world. >> under the proposal students who attend at least part-time and maintain a 2.5 gpa would not have to pay tuition. the president, who says he will outline more details in a speech today in tennessee. you know it was one year ago today that president obama tapped philadelphia's neighborhood as a promise zone for neighborhood improvement. now, it's time to find out if the president is fulfilling that promise. katy zachary is live for us in university city this morning. it's been a year have we seen a difference? >> chris, i can tell you we're
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right on the edge of the area. take a look at our video. we spent time around here yesterday driving around and talking with people who live and work here. whose job it is to help turn this neighborhood around. what we're told to answer your question is that it's working. some visible changes we saw like brand-new housing, murls and greenways that are really inspiring people but also some arguably even bigger changes happening behind the scenes. the schools on the job front and with child care. that's especially important because it has some of the worst poverty levels in philadelphia. here is what some people are saying. >> it builds the morale and the community and in our city and makes me want to stay here a little bit longer. >> and promise zones are areas. there are only a handful throughout the country. areas that the federal government has provided tax incentives and grants to help the community rise out of poverty. we have a bunch of hard numbers that the city gave us. we're going to take a look at them throughout the morning and tell you if truly in fact the
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changes that they've seen over the last few years could be derived from the extra focus that has come into manchua over the last few months. 4:19 now. new from overnight. how about this. bill cosby jokingly warned a woman in the audience to be careful drinking around him. the remark was met with loud applause. now, you know, more than 15 women have come forward saying cosby sexually assaulted them or drugged them decades ago. he has never been criminally charged in connection to any of the allegations. tonight is cosby's last of three shows in canada. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> let's give you a picture of what they're dealing with snow in buffalo. not just us here. about two-thirds of the population caught in winter's frigid grip to rare snow and ice for jacksonville florida. how about that. here is that live picture from buffalo, new york. snow falling there.
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and we're starting to see some flurries in this area too. meteorologist bill henley with that and bill the big headline people will notice this morning when they step outside is that it's not the subzero feel that we had yesterday morning, right? >> no just feels like 11. the wind is still blowing and the temperatures are warming. still plenty cold and we're tracking snow in the area and some accumulation from philadelphia northward and a dusting is possible. possibly two inches in the pocono mountains and it has been tapering off in just the last couple minutes in blue mountain still a few snowflakes coming down. on and off during the morning hours and then tapering off this afternoon. so, we are on the look out for a few snowflakes in philadelphia. so far we just have clouds overhead and temperatures that have been falling overnight. right now in the city the numbers are down into the 20s to start with. but winds are gusting to 26 miles an hour. got a wind chill of 11 degrees right now in the city. you can see the snow moving into
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berks county lancaster county and the pocono mountains. just the first ban, light snow is off to the north and west for central pennsylvania and western pennsylvania and we will see some snow this morning, but not this afternoon. by this afternoon, it's out of here. 6:00 this evening, the temperatures are coming down and we'll have a strong northwesterly wind that will head us into tomorrow with temperature in the teens tomorrow morning. colder during the day tomorrow. this is saturday you could see our skies are nice and clear. we will be dry through the weekend and then things change next week. and the future snow showing by 10:00 this evening, that's the snowfall from this morning. we're looking at just a dusting possible in philadelphia and south jersey. allentown could see half an inch or in trenton the pocono mountains could see an inch to two inches of snow with this quick-moving system this morning. there is some cold air around but there are some warmer temperatures next week. got the seven-day in the next half hour. hopefully the interior of your car is warmer this morning.
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slightly warmer than it is. jillian mele is tracking what's happening on the roads to greet you on this happy friday by the way. we did not overlook. >> we did not overlook that. that's for sure. all morning long heading out over any of the area bridges, no accidents and no delays to report on any of them. the bridges are clear right now, that's good news for drivers out there. the main highways are clear at this time. route 2if you have the outdoors in mind, outdoor recreation areas will host some events. in this area there is pennypack environmental center. have you ever been owling? tracy? you need to go. your chance tomorrow. how about snowshoeing or hiking along the toe path and cross country skiing at the environmental center. something to do out there even in this cold. early tomorrow some
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students at ocean city high school will have a second chance to see their science experiment launched into space. the students' project will be placed onboard the cargo ship that is set to lift off from cape canaveral tomorrow morning. now, you remember the initial experiment headed in october blew up in this explosion. the unmanned rocket blew up after launching a launch pad in virginia. the four letters that sparked a battle between those two sides. and there are new concerns this morning about the 2012 train derailment in paulsboro and fears of lasting health effects.
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you may see and hear more military jets around the next two days flying around atlantic city airport because members will take part in training exercises. they start today and run through tomorrow. those exercises will be held in both the morning and evening hours. from our south jersey bureau now, there are more problems being linked to that 2012 train derailment in paulsboro, you remember that toxic cloud of gas that escaped there. a new cdc reports that emergency responders suffered headaches and respiratory problems. a tanker car had crashed releasing tens of thousands of gallons of hazardous gas into the air during that emergency. many of the responders have filed lawsuits against conrail and gloucester county. from the nbc 10 bureau new jersey governor chris christie is taking some heat over an rsvp to an invitation. governor christie's office sent this nuinvitation to journalists
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for the speech of the speech next tuesday. well the problem is the speech is in the state assembly chambers at the state house, which the democrats control. and they do not require rsvp. assembly democrats e-mailed journalists yesterday telling them that they do not have to notify anyone if they plan to cover the speech or any otherer event in the chamber. now, governor christie's state of the state speech is next tuesday and you can count on nbc 10 to cover it for you through the nbc 10 news app. it's cold outside and we're tracking some snow. just some very light snow now in blue mountain in the pocono mountains. 24 degrees here at nbc 10 at 4:27. jillian mele is in the first alert traffic center this morning. happy friday jillian. >> a live look for drivers in delaware. route 7 right at valley road. clear as can be.
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unfortunately, i can't say the same on route 202. i'll give you an update on what's happening there in a few minutes. breaking developments in paris where police have closed in on the two men suspected in wednesday's massacre at the magazine offices. a live picture here of a scene. a hostage situation is taking place. shots have been exchanged. this all started with the suspect stealing a car north of paris. police started chasing them. nbc news has confirmed reports of gunfire near an apartment building. and hostages taken from a business in that area. we are right back with the latest on that search after this.
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